steering column lower bearing kit

steering column lower bearing kit

Come to us for steering column lower bearing kit, we are here to help your steering column rebuild and repair business

  • Product No.: 7805700
  • Price: USD12


Lower steering column shaft bearing kit. 

It includes lower bearing #7805700, plastic retainer / spacer #7805822, metal retaining ring #7804440 and snap ring #7804439 (4 pieces). The bearing inside diameter measures 1".
The outside diameter measures 1-5/8" at the largest point tapering down to 1-1/2". This design fits multiple GM, Jeep, Chrysler and Saginaw design tilt and non-tilt steering columns.
This steering column bearing can be installed with the removal of the lower steering shaft without removing the main steering column.

Note: Fits 1969-72 Chevy, GMC truck with tilt steering wheel only, 1973-91 Chevy, GMC truck models with auto trans, with or without tilt steering. 

We investigated and developped steering column parts for steering column rebuilding service for 5 years, with years experience, we still took around 2 years to develop this steering
column lower bearing 7805700 due to complicated process, even that we still have an issue of metal cap falling off during transportation or 
while assembling to steering column. We
fixed it in the metal stamping tool with lancing triangle embosses to double prevent cap falling off. 
steering column lower bearing 7805700 cap
Cap falling off is an normal issue of this steering column lower bearing, we 
believe our part made great improvement on fixing this falling issue and possibly our caps can be used for
spare parts to replace your cap if it falled off from the steering column lower bearing that you bought from other venders. 


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