steering components

steering components

Power steering pump components include pump vane, pump rotor, shaft, pressure plate, thrust plate etc, they request precision machining

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In motor vehicles, a power steering system helps drivers steer the vehicle by augmenting steering effort needed to 

turn the steering wheel, making it easier for the vehicle to turn or maneuver. Hydraulic or electric actuators add 

controlled energy to the steering mechanism, so the driver can provide less effort to turn the steered wheels when

driving at typical speeds, and reduce considerably the physical effort necessary to turn the wheels when a vehicle 

is stopped or moving slowly. Power steering can also be engineered to provide some artificial  feedback of forces 

acting on the steered wheels.


Winten is focus on automotive aftermarket parts manufacturing for 10 years. 

Cartridge for power steering vane pump hydraulic vane  repair kits rotor stator 

Power Steering Pump Components Sepecification
Raw material        GCr15, Powder Metallurgy
Surface roughness Ra<0.2
Geometric Tolerance(parallelism,perpendicularity, thickness tolerance) ≤5um
Dimension accuracy ≤ 5um
Application Automobile oil pump, Automobile power steering pump, hydraulic pump parts etc

Product Display 

1.  The material are customized by Customer or according to our regular materials.

2.  High Cost performance –at the same price, quality of the product is higher, High precision of product—small range of work difference.

3. The stator can be made according to the drawing or samples provided by the customer


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