Gm sector gear

Gm sector gear

GM Sector Gear, used for GM Steering Column, 1969-86 GM, w/o Tilt

  • Product No.: 7811154


Sector Gear, Steering Column, 1969-86 GM, w/o Tilt

This sector gear operates the rod that runs from the key cylinder down to the ignition switch to ensure proper operation of the switch

Vehicle Fitment

Year Make Model                        Application Details
1969–1974 Buick Riviera                w/o tilt
1969–1972 Buick Skylark                w/o tilt
1969–1977 Chevrolet Chevelle        w/o tilt
1969–1988 Chevrolet El Camino  1969–1977: w/o tilt
                                                         1978–1988: w/o tilt
1978–1983 Chevrolet Malibu               w/o tilt
1970–1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo   1970–1977: non-Tilt
                                                          1978–1988: w/o tilt
1969–1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass       w/o tilt
1982–1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass       w/o tilt
1969–1973 Pontiac Bonneville       w/o tilt
1982–1986 Pontiac Bonneville       w/o tilt
1969–1973 Pontiac Catalina               w/o tilt
1969–1973 Pontiac Grand Prix       w/o tilt
1982–1986 Pontiac Grand Prix       w/o tilt
1969–1973 Pontiac GTO               w/o tilt
1969–1973 Pontiac LeMans               w/o tilt
1969–1970 Pontiac Tempest               w/o tilt

Winten auto parts manufacture developped this GM sector gear in 2022, part is manufactured from heavy-duty Nylon.


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