Vacuum casting plastic parts for low volume manufacturing | Winten

Vacuum Casting Plastic

Vacuum casting or cast urethanes is a perfect solution for production quality parts without the cost
or lead time required for production tooling.

Vacuum casting enables you to quickly recreate tens of parts in production like materials allowing you to create multiple
reproductions of a part for market or in-house testing
At Winten we can cast parts as large and small, everything from
O-ring size all the way up to 2m long car bumpers. We have a massive range of materials available for your projects.


Used for: 

Developing prototypes, low volume production, rubber parts, market testing, rapid iterations

How it works


Master model – CNC machined or 3D printed via SLA or SLS or Original Sample

Silicone tool liquid silicone is poured around the master model and cured. Once dry the master is cut from the mold to leave the cavity


Castings – the resin is poured into the cavity to create a production like replicate.

Advantages of Vacuum casting

Great for low volumes


Self-colored parts


Low upfront investment


Quickly prototype


Massive range of materials


Similar production surface over molds

Size from O-ring up to 2 meter car bumpers

For More detail of Vacuum casting, please click to download Vacuum casting process procedure.