Learn More about GM Steering Column Parts & Repair from the Experts

Interchangeability must be the one quality that performance aficionados lust after. The fact that many of the same parts are utilized across a variety of model lines that frequently span more than a decade is one of the reasons GM automobiles are so well-liked by automotive hobbyists, according to GM steering column parts experts.

For instance, GM utilized the same type of steering column in many of its rear-wheel-drive cars, including trucks, in the 1980s and the early 1990s. Although this is advantageous, the column also has a propensity to sag where the tilt's base connects to the rest of the column. Simply tightening the bolts and applying a small amount of thread-locking compound can fix the issue.

While it may seem straightforward, there are a ton of tiny bits and linkages that must be manipulated in order to reach those bolts, which necessitates removing the entire top half of the column, according to GM steering column parts experts.

The exploded view of the column is in the factory repair manual, which you should carry with you in order to help you put all the small components back where they go. This is absolutely not advised for beginners. Additionally, you'll need two unique tools made just for these columns.

The best option if you don't want to invest in the tools is to hire a reputable shop to complete the task for you. Do not take this narrative as a how-to guide because there are numerous processes involved. You will see the main process there. GM steering column parts experts advise working carefully and keeping track of the parts as they are removed to make the job easier if you're feeling courageous. The good news is that you can recreate the new steering column feeling with a little bit of work and an hour or two.

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