Learn Where You Can Find Discontinued Auto Parts Easily

What should you do if the desired car part is unavailable or on backorder? We frequently hear the question, of where to find discontinued auto parts. People frequently phone an OEM dealership only to be told that the car part has been discontinued or is indefinitely out of stock.

On Google Shopping, eBay Auto, and Amazon, it is frequently possible to find a discontinued item. Never give up; you might discover discontinued parts at numerous auto wreckers. In actuality, some auto wreckers are brand-specific specialists.

Look for auto wreckers or secondhand parts sellers who specialize in the brand of parts you need if the OEM vehicle dealership is unable to supply the parts you require. If you search for a wrecking yard that specializes in Subaru components, you may have much more success finding the parts you need for your old Subaru. Even if they do not have them, they frequently know where to find them.


Although it doesn't contain everything when you look for where to find discontinued auto parts, Craigslist does provide several surprising discounts. With a "No low ballers." sign, you may find anything from operating and drivable automobiles for $100 to '80s wheels for $1,000. Warning: "I'm aware of what I have. A worldwide network of free local classified ads, Craigslist is available in both major cities and rural towns. The majority of the postings you're interested in are probably less than an hour's drive away if you find your local site. Similar to a yard sale, there is no tax, no shipping costs, and you can examine the item before parting with your money.


Even though it was seen as a dubious location to conduct business 20 years ago if you looked for where to find discontinued auto parts, eBay has become the go-to for hard-to-find parts thanks to its rating system, USPS tracking, and PayPal-backed security. Need center console components for a Pierce-Arrow V12 distributor or an Opel GT? eBay has these, as I recently verified. The site has the drawback that after "just a minute" of browsing through the endless pages of parts, you realize it's 3:30 in the morning. One more is that not everyone sells locally or abroad. For difficult-to-ship items like body panels, you might need to check your local auctions.

When you are still looking for where to find discontinued auto parts, you can visit the Auto Part Repair website, where you will get everything you need.