GM upper bearing kit 7844651 shipped 1000 pcs Feb.3rd, 2021

How we start GM upper bearing kit 7844651 ?

End of 2019, we received a small pack of sample, that is rack package 7844651. 

Look at the sample, it request many different processes,  including, precision lathe and grinding, injection molding, casting, 

automation spring forming, srews making etc

GM upper bearing kit 7844651
We started check and trying to understand more about this pars. It is called GM upper bearing kit. We can do it.

This is
aftermarket GM parts, the volume won't be very high.  We made 2 sets sample anyway and sent for approval.  Luckily we got approved to make this parts

We invested related mold and set up production line quickly.  4000 sets were made and used successfully on old GM cars.

Hope the quantity grows more in 2021